[WIP] Application - Grrok 0.1 - Google Reader app for N9

I've been working on a Google Reader App for the N9 written in QML/Javascript.
Jun 13, 2012


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I've been working on a Google Reader App for the N9 written in QML/Javascript.

It still has rough edges but I use it for my day-to-day feed-reading at this stage.

The program can be downloaded from the (incredibly rudimentary) website:

And the source (GPL v2+) is available on git hub:

Feedback welcome (once it's much more polished I'll put it in the Ovi Store (for free) or apps.formeego.org).


  • Easy to use interface (choose categories/feeds/entries from the list or keep pressing the "down" button which moves from entry to entry, marking them read
  • Mark Entries Read/Unread or mark whole feed read
  • Open the current entry in a browser


  • Doesn't handle edit token expiry - 30mins after loading the app, you can no longer change any state on Google's servers (e.g. mark an entry feed)
  • Doesn't handle feed continutations so can only download the first 20 items in a feed.
  • Text sometimes overflows the container for it (I'm struggling with Text clipping and elliding).
  • Mark entry starred
  • Better error handling/testing



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