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Jul 30, 2012
    Its been a while since we have seen some public shouting about MeeGo TV and I'm glad to see v1.2.2 out there running on Cocom Intel CE hardware. […]
Jul 23, 2012
ICS has published 18+ Qt and QML clients for popular Google APIs, making it easy to integrate the functionality your users want into your Qt/QML applications. Whether you need to […]
Jul 22, 2012
Joel Clark the Tizen IVI Program Manager has posted that a new Tizen IVI preview update has been posted on Features: Kernel updated from 3.0.8 to 3.4.4 Wayland updated […]
Jul 18, 2012
I’m excited to report that I’ve got a demo of a native App running on Tizen! And what I mean by native is, compiled C programs and not HTML5 + […]
Jul 17, 2012
    Below is an Interview between Jussi Hurmola, the CEO of JollaMobile and Stefan of Intomobile. Stefan: The company was officially founded in October, right? Jussi: Yes, that’s correct. Stefan: […]
Jul 16, 2012
    JollaMobile have just announced that they have signed a Sales agreement with China’s Largest Smartphone Retail Chain D.Phone who are a strategic partner with China Mobile, China Telecom […]
Jul 14, 2012
Last week I got annoyed at the large differences in syntax for vendor-prefixed device-pixel-ratio media queries. I said, half in desperation and half as a threat, that it might be better to […]
Jul 11, 2012
    MeeGo-rescuing smartphone start-up Jolla Mobile hasn’t just received incubator support from Nokia, the company has revealed, but a chunk of mobile patents from Nokia’s portfolio. The Finnish company […]
Jul 9, 2012
    Two more Android tablet makers will now have to pay Microsoft a royalty on their products or risk winding up in court. Aluratek and Coby Electronics are the […]
Jul 8, 2012
    Today the world has seen a new chapter in the MeeGo Saga. The Word JollaMobile has filled Twitter streams everywhere (well to MeeGo people at least). Jolla Ltd. […]
Jul 7, 2012
      Italian Radio Stations on the Web QtQuick on N9 (Meego Hartman operating system)   Video:   Source YouTube
Jul 7, 2012
    Samsung’s smartphone rocket is soaring. The company will announce record profits this quarter of $5.9 billion based mostly on the strength of its Galaxy smartphone line, and the […]
Jul 7, 2012
    I know it, I know it, I know you guys are waiting for it. Here come another update version 2.1.8, packed with lots of new features and big […]
Jul 6, 2012
    Sharetus, my app for Nokia N9 that allows easy sharing and bookmarking on many popular social media and bookmarking sites, is now available for installation from Nokia Store, […]
Jul 4, 2012
If you are a Nokia N9 Inception user who has recently updated to PR1.3 you will find that it no longer works 🙁 Well do not fear, Inception 0.2 is […]
Jul 4, 2012
    One of the recent casualties of Nokia's recently announced Job cuts was the Ulm research facility that was home to 730 people. Once of the projects that was […]
Jul 3, 2012
    As Jay mentioned earlier Pr1.3 is currently rolling out as we speak; earlier today I updated my own N9 (I believe it’s a UK variant; could be Finland […]
Jul 3, 2012
It looks like Nokia N9 MeeGo Harmattan PR1.3 (version 40.2012.21-3.001.19) Over The Air (OTA) 204.8Mb update has started to roll out in some regions bringing with it promises of over […]
Jul 3, 2012
  Today we released an infographic about the rise of HTML5 as a publishing and marketing technology. Created with Venngage‘s tool for online infographics, the visual examines how some of the biggest […]
Jul 2, 2012
    I posted earlier that Application Developer Mike Shelon is working on Tizen Apps running on MeeGo Harmattan but he is also working on getting porting his Qt app […]

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