Its been a while since we have seen some public shouting about MeeGo TV and I’m glad to see v1.2.2 out there running on Cocom Intel CE hardware.

MeeGo TV 1.2.2 was released and after a few kinks were ironed out, it is now available to play with! It is based on PR27 and is the first MeeGo TV release that people can actually get a hold of and rebuild themselves! It’s actually fairly easy, I’ll go over the broad howto here and suggest where you can go to get more help.


Changelog for Cocom MeeGo 1.2.2 image:

– Support for Cocom Churchill & Thatcher NEC remote control out of the box with meego-tv-ir
– Tri tuner support on Thatcher/Cameron (CE42xx/CE53xx)
– ‘dodgy’ codecs from gst-plugins-{bad,ugly} for AC3 and DTS
– gst-timeshifting plugin

Please find all the rest of the information including creating the image,tarballs,MIC and bootup instructions on the Madeo website 🙂