Below is TizMee, a Tizen compatability layer for MeeGo:

With the (unexpected) release of Sviox‘s HTML widget runtime I thought it about time that I made my own efforts in that direction a bit more public. TizMee is designed to make it possible to run Tizen (and other) apps on MeeGo, supporting general HTML5 apps, apps using Tizen specific APIs and Cordova/PhoneGap apps (with some slight modification).

This first early release should support general HTML5 apps fairly well (although there are still a few that have issues), some aspects of the Tizen API (this is by no means complete however) and pretty much all of the Cordova/PhoneGap API.

It’s based around the QT Cordova port with Tizen specific functionality implemented as Cordova plugins in a mixture of C and javascript.



Apps & Download:


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