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This is a project I’ve been working on for the last few months.

My main aim was to create a library wrapping GStreamer and camerabin2. On top of that a set of declarative bindings has been developed and of course a showcase application 

Cameraplus captures images and records videos, has nice post capture page and a bunch of other features including my beloved zoom during video recording ūüėČ

It doesn’t yet cover all the features implemented by camera-ui but that’s work in progress.

It also will drain your battery if you keep it minimized as it will not deactivate GPS due to how the GPS functionality is supposed to work but that should be fixed one day so be warned.

Finally the code is here:
A debian package for Harmattan is here¬†…attan_standard

The library itself is configurable which should make it possible to get it to work on other MeeGo-like platforms. I intend to “port” it to mer/nemo soon once I manage to get all the needed GStreamer bits in place¬†

It’s also possible to edit the qtcamera.ini file and bump the resolution for N950 to 12 MPx¬†


* Store captures underneath DCIM
* Fixed thumbnaile being cropped for portrait mode
* Fixed overlapping title and creation date for portrait mode

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