Mupen64plus-Nokia N9
Developer Liar (his choice of username, not mine, Lol) is looking for assistance on mupen54plus for the Nokia N9. If your interested contact him directly 🙂

Hey, is anybody interested in mupen64plus for N9?
super mario runs smoothly, legend of zelda oot needs some frameskip in a few cases but in my opinion is very playable
i’ve also tried games like banjo-kazooie (very smooth apart from the cutscenes), pokemon snap (smooth), super smash brothers (feels slower than the original, but i haven’t looked into that yet), majoras mask (pretty much like ocarina of time)

it currently runs with gles2n64 by adventus, but i might look into porting gles2rice from mupen64plus-ae (where some help might be handy)

i don’t know if the controls are suitable for every game, maybe you have some ideas?

also i haven’t really figured out how to implement the touch input other than reading from /dev/input/ts, which requires developer privileges :S



Source MeeGo