Infraware Develops Polaris App Generator (PAG) Android to Tizen Conversion Technology

INFRAWARE has unveiled their Polaris App Generator (PAG) that promises to run Android Applications and Games on the Tizen Platform seamlessly. More information about its developer publishing service from Android to Tizen utilising PAG will be revealed at the Tizen Conference in May 22 – 24 2013.


INFRAWARE’s PAG is based on its unique Polaris Android Framework (PAF) technology developed after long research into the Dalvik Virtual Machine. PAF is a platform technology that allows Android applications to run on non-Android platforms including Tizen. It enables games and applications converted to Tizen, with the extension .tpk, to smoothly operate on diverse devices using the Tizen operating system.


INFRAWARE will support the new mobile operating system and its steady growth with our innovative technology and know-how,” said Min Cheol Kwak, CEO of INFRAWARE. “Also, with Tizen and other newly emerging mobile platforms, we are committed to exploring and promoting continuous growth in efficiency and market expansion opportunities for game and application developers through technology and service efforts which minimize their additional costs.

Earlier this year OpenMobile demonstrated their own solution of running android applications and games on Tizen and it will certainly be good to see the pros and cons of both of these solutions. Either way, Android is definitely running on Tizen !

Source Yahoo