Making it easy to port your apps to Tizen : A promotion from appbackr for Titanium developers

Apr 25, 2013

Titanium makes it easy for developers to build mobile apps and publish them across platforms. It is a big step forward. appbackr is focused on motivating more developers to build across newly emerging platforms.

Encouraging distribution to other platforms is challenging because of a few basic reasons, starting with “Is it worth my time to port to any given new platform?” Because selling apps, like any content, is a matter of aggregating medium and long-tail users, we believe that porting to a new platform makes sense. Except that there are tedious sign-up processes, long contracts that may subsume distribution rights and unknown SDKs, which all create just enough friction to make the process eminently skippable.

And the problem exists on the other side: new platforms want great apps, but not necessarily sub-prime, chop-shop apps.

So how do great developers with the best new apps meet great, emerging platforms efficiently?
appbackr is providing a promotion to Titanium developers to help! We’ve made it possible for every app that you create to get scored for quality and relevance on a 1 to 10 scale. The best apps receive tools and a guarantee number of downloads based on the store’s needs and how well your app fits.

As part of this promotion, once you build your app on Titanium, you can see the score and your offer. With the announcement of Titanium’s support of Tizen, appbackr has scored every app and Titanium developers will be receiving a simple 3-step process for porting to Tizen and getting a minimum guarantee for your app.

You can also sign on to Xchange and track your installs on one dashboard and even consolidate payments so you don’t have to provide your bank account information to every new platform that asks for it.

Why Tizen? This is a chance to have your app, live, right from the start of a brand-new operating system built on HTML5 and part of the Linux Foundation. It has heavy support from Samsung, Intel and major carriers around the world.

And once your app is live in Tizen, we can give you additional offers like free translation into launch country languages, and even offers to port to additional HTML5 platforms that are relevant to your app.
You made a great decision building with Titanium. Your app is ready to go in Tizen. Now, submit it through Xchange and receive the financial incentives that your app deserves.


Source Appcelerator

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