Samsung Electronics today released its Smart TV SDK 4.1. Along with the SDK 4.1, Samsung also has to enable in-app advertising to the release of the Samsung Smart TV advertisement service API so that developers can publish apps Smart TV advertising on their applications so that they can add other monetization channels.
SDK 4.1 provides developers with the tools they need to develop applications for the Smart TV platform 2013. Toolset includes an Eclipse-based application editor, Visual editor, debugger, and emulator Smart TV Smart TV platform for new and old ones.

Platform support for Mac OS X and Linux continue to be improved in the Samsung Smart TV SDK. Improvements have also been made for the integration of IDE Emulator integration, and function Emulator.

■ Editor

  • Visual Kit: Visual Logic and Relation Editing
  • Text Editor: API Autocomplete
  • Application Templates

■ new features for 2013 Smart TV Platform SDK on Windows

  • Native Input Method Editor (On Screen Keyboard)
  • Smart Control 2013
  • App Panel Support & Service
  • Support AdHub
  • Smart Interaction: Gesture events have been added (new HI Simulator (including Gesture)).
  • Apps Framework
  • App Engine 2013 (HTML5 Video / Audio, WebSocket, WebGL)
  • UniPlayer
  • SEF (Service Extension Framework)
  • Convergence Framework
  • OCI (Open Convergence Interface): support for MIDI
  • MPEG Dash
  • AllShare
  • Flash 11.1
  • Smooth Streaming
  • Repairs Automatic Test Toolkit (Dynamic screen test, partial screen capture, audio testing, and more …)
■ new features for 2013 Smart TV Platform SDK on Linux / Mac
  • Support playback of Video / Audio on Emulator
  • Smart Control 2012 in Emulator
  • GUI Improvements in Emulator
  • Eclipse Integration
  • Support (limited) for Web Inspector
■ new features for Cloud Emulator
  • & GUI usability improvements
  • S Client is supported on the platform Mac OS X and Windows.
  • S Server is supported on Windows platform
Starting 25 April 2013, Samsung will only allow the use of Samsung’s advertisement service API in the new applications are developed. Currently, Samsung offers in-app banner and video advertising. Using the Samsung advertisement service API can ensure the best compatibility and stability on the Samsung Smart TV platform.
These new rules will only apply temporarily to countries listed on the service application below. If you have your own sales organization or distribute your applications outside the following countries, you will be exempt from this policy.

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