Qt have been working on a new project code-named ‘Boot to Qt’ and gives users a fantastic solution aiding the creation of smooth user interfaces on embedded devices. This includes Qt Creator integration , Virtual box based simulator and UI stack for embedded Linux as well as many other tools and features. We expect a release sometime in late Q4 of 2013. The focus of the preview shown is the stack that is built upon the Android baselayer. The aim of Qt is to give users a similar software stack but with ready-made images and IDE integration.

‘Boot to Qt’ is based on the fairly new Qt5 technology released on 19th December of 2012. Already very suitable for running embedded hardware. The demo reached speeds of around 60 FPS which is suitable. The below image shows a representation of how fast the new technology is in comparison to Android. Android may be running many additional applications which is completely irrelevant in this case as embedded devices don’t have any additional programs. Which is very useful for many industries such as the Automotive industry.




Source Qt Blog