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Jun 29, 2013
  Tizen 3.0 will be released in March of 2014 and according to rumors a reference Tizen smartphone will be released in July in Korea. "ICT Conference 2013" will be […]
Jun 25, 2013
  Tizen was announced at Intel Elements 2011 and now finally we are inching closer to the phones and in this case tablets to be released. NTT DoComo is going […]
Jun 24, 2013
[youtube][/youtube]   Here's a preview of a Tizen app for Twitter running on the Tizen developer device , This app is based on HTML5 and developed by MatchBoxMobile. This app […]
Jun 22, 2013
  Here is a concept showing what could be a new bracelet by Samsung named  'S-health' , this comes after Samsung's big push with the health and fitness theme within […]
Jun 20, 2013
  The NX-2000 Smart based Camera is now on sale in the USA for $649.99. The camera is a combination of slim camera design and smart technology which creates extraordinary […]
Jun 19, 2013
  According to Ryoichi Sugimura from NTT DoCoMo , DoCoMo will release a Tizen smartphone in Japan in Q3 or Q4 of 2013. At the same time in Japan technical testing […]
Jun 18, 2013
  The Spanish community Manager at Intel showed a sneak peak of a 3D game by Skyworks Interactive running on Tizen 2.1. Since this Tennis game by Skyworks interactive has […]
Jun 18, 2013
  [youtube][/youtube] SMS/ER is an messaging application designed to manage SMS messages and drafts so you can quickly use them whenever required. SMS/ER was the result of a port from […]
Jun 16, 2013
  Students from Carnegie Mellon University , Silicon Valley (CMU-SV) built an application at the Tizen Hack Competition alongside the Tizen Developer Conference. CMU-SV students came 2nd place from all […]
Jun 15, 2013
  Samsung are currently developing a new Exynos processor this time it's the Exynos 5420 , According to files from this seems to be compatible with many platforms now […]
Jun 14, 2013
  Intel are soon to launch a new processor code-named Bay Trail targeted for tablets and will cost under $200 according to a company executive. During a news conference in Taipei […]
Jun 13, 2013
  [youtube][/youtube]   If you think the Tizen emulator is slow then thank god for the Qt for Tizen simulated app which is running natively within a normal QML Scene […]
Jun 13, 2013
  Samsung will be opening a new research and development center in Espoo Finland which is also where Nokia's headquarters are based , affirming Samsung's domination over it's rival. Details […]
Jun 11, 2013
  These are a couple of videos of Tizen Architectural Overview and Tizen SDK by Intel, Samsung and Eurogiciel The content of the presentation was made ​​by: Dominig ar Foll […]
Jun 11, 2013
  Nine major tech companies have had their data integrity compromised by the US National Security Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation for about 6 years now allowing access into […]
Jun 11, 2013
  As we know there are many jobs that will disappear in the next few decades thanks to automation and artificial intelligence replacing manual work. Even though this is happening […]
Jun 11, 2013
  Tizen Seller Office temporarily suspended for Maintenance:   The TIZEN STORE Seller Office Site will be temporarily suspended for the maintenance check of the system to improve the service […]
Jun 10, 2013
Below is a guide on how to install the Tizen Nectarine 2.1 SDK and the Tizen emulator on Windows 7/8. The operating system i used was Windows 8 as this […]
Jun 10, 2013
  The Tizen User Experience (UX) adopts a optional multi-window feature where an application can use the full screen referred to as 'full window' or half the screen referred to […]
Jun 10, 2013
  With the advent of the Tablet, mobile computing has taken on new dimensions. You can take it anywhere (well, almost) and now that includes the car. So here we […]

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