So usually manufacturers only provide assembled firmware downloads not allowing the source code to be transparent. But Samsung seem to have gone the other way by releasing source code for the Samsung NX-300 and the Samsung NX-2000. Both cameras are recent mirror-less interchangeable-lens cameras running Tizen OS. The source code itself for the NX-2000 is 2.5 gigabytes compressed. Although this may hint at being the full source code to unlock all functionality it is unlikely. This is because licensed libraries of code such as face detection are made by third parties and Samsung isn’t allowed to redistribute the code.

Custom firmware for cameras is good news as proved in the Canon 5D Mark III where Magic Lantern was produced giving users much more functionality such as raw video footage output allowing for greater resolutions and even enhanced low-light performance. I think Samsung wants new firmwares such as Magic Lantern to be produced for their cameras hence opening the source up. Samsung have certainly pleased the fans of open-source with this camera , but would this make it more attractive to you? Discuss in comments below.


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