First Tizen Concept Phone Breaks Cover – Tizen Azure

The following pictures are of a concept phone named the Tizen Azure, which has a metal-titanium construction, rounded corners, 6mm thickness and other mouthwatering credentials as noted below:

Tizen Azure offers a 2 GHz Intel Quad Core Trail Bay, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, Magnolia Tizen OS 2.0 on board and up to 128 GB of hard drive space, battery replaceable 3000 mAh Li-Polymer battery.
has a 16 – megapixel rear camera with lenses and Nikon OIS and sensor-based navigation and augmented reality.

Azure-Tizen-Phone -Concept-Nikon-16 MP-2-1

Azure-Tizen-Phone -Concept-Nikon-16 MP-14

Azure-Tizen-Phone -Concept-Nikon-16 MP-13


Azure-Tizen-Phone -Concept-Nikon-16 MP-12


Azure-Tizen-Phone -Concept-Nikon-16 MP-11


Azure-Tizen-Phone -Concept-Nikon-16 MP-10


Azure-Tizen-Phone -Concept-Nikon-16 MP-9


Azure-Tizen-Phone -Concept-Nikon-16 MP-8


Azure-Tizen-Phone -Concept-Nikon-16 MP-7


Azure-Tizen-Phone -Concept-Nikon-16 MP-6


Azure-Tizen-Phone -Concept-Nikon-16 MP-5


Azure-Tizen-Phone -Concept-Nikon-16 MP-4


Azure-Tizen-Phone -Concept-Nikon-16 MP-3

This is the brain child of Rahul Sharma and I can’t wait for what he gives us next. Thanks to Tomasz for the tip.


Source NewMobileZoom