According to the senior director for Technology of Infraware over 80% of the existing Android apps can be converted for Tizen Store using their engine. This was mentioned during the 2013 ICT conference which consisted of a seminar devoted to local start-up companies in Korea. This should aid in the marketing expenses and efficiency of development costs.

Infrawares automated conversion technology of Android is named PAG (Polaris App Generator) which is based on PAF Infrawares own framework Polaris Android Framework , allowing Android applications to run on non android platforms so the Android .APK extension apps will be converted into Tizen .TPK extension apps. This will also ensure that applications run smoothly on a variety of devices.


“About 200 applications have our tests and conversion into Tizen, where 50% of them without any modification at all and can run smoothly on Tizen.” “Currently about 76% of the developers working on Android applications and Android apps generated number was approaching 700,000,”

– Ryu Hyeok-Gon Senior Director for Technology of Infraware.


Source Tizen Indonesia