Is Tizen Really Dead? Well Intel doesn't think so

There has been lots of turmoil from Eldar Murtazin's tweet about the demise of Tizen. Well Intel isn't read for Tizen to die quite yet
Jul 5, 2013

Yesterday we saw some news floating about regarding Intel Tizen devices shipping a few months later than what was originally anticipated. We also saw a lonely tweet from Eldar Murtazin, a blogger known for statements that cause turmoil in the tech world. He considered Tizen as being Dead.

This was according to his inside source(s) who have been known for being reasonably good at predicting some things, at other times they have not been.

Here is the tweet:

So is Tizen dead? Right now all the companies around Tizen are working hard on their individual roles of software development, hardware, applications and eco system to the single goal of making Tizen a success, So it all seems a bit odd that they are working on a dying OS.

To put things in perspective, below is todays official statement from Christopher Croteau Managing Director, Intel Software and Services Group provided to TizenExperts about Intels position with Tizen:


Intel is very committed to the development of Tizen. We see a unique role for Tizen in the industry to create and to grow a new, open and flexible, mobile operating system that allows developers to “write once/run on many devices”. Tizen has received broad industry support through the Tizen Association and has achieved major milestones this year including establishing the storefront, releasing the Tizen 2.1 source code, the Tizen IVI 2.0 and the Tizen 2.2 Beta SDK that was just released yesterday.


Dead? That statement certainly doesn't sound like someones last words. Tizen is about collaboration. Lets put this all behind us now and look forward to devices that will be shipping REAL soon 😉


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