Linux Sponsors Shift: Samsung Tops List

It might be amazing to see that Samsung actually tops list as Linux sponsors.
Jul 18, 2013


Since Linux kernel 2.6.36 was released a massive shift in sponsorship activity has taken place , this activity highlights the increasing sponsorship from mobile and embedded companies. The Linux foundation state that these companies add support for kernel hardware as well as promoting core kernel areas e.g scheduler and memory management.

The graph below shows the top 20 contributions to the Linux kernel after the release of kernel version 2.6.36. This graph shows a significant increase from Samsung Electronics who have increased their sponsorship by 1.83 times.




In March 2013 , Samsung Electronics opened department (OSG) Samsung Open Source Group aimed to form a team which will contribute with open source technology projects and innovations. Samsung OSG has offices in London (England) , South Korea as well as San Jose (United States).


"I believe that the open source components have contributed so much to the success of Samsung's business." - Dr. Sang-bum Suh, Vice President of Software Platform Team at Samsung Software R & D Center



The Tizen project has made an increase in Linux and open source contributions from Samsung. Samsung currently hire around 20,000 software developers who work based on open source components with plans to add more workers to its impressive workforce.





Source Tizen Indonesia


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