Marmalade SDK to support the Tizen OS

The Marmalade SDK is getting ready to Support the Tizen OS in Q3 2013
Jul 9, 2013

Marmalade have announced that they will be Maximising their Mobile Platform investment with targeting the Tizen Operating System. Platform Support for Tizen will be introduced into the Marmalade SDK in Q3 2013 in time for the launch of the initial Tizen devices. The SDK will provide full support both x86 and ARM mobile architectures before the end of the year.


“Lowering the barrier to create games for Tizen developers will help bring exciting new content to the Tizen application store,” says Christopher Croteau, Tizen Association Board member and Managing Director of Intel's System Software Division. “The Marmalade SDK will allow publishers and developers to quickly and easily develop applications for multiple device categories starting with smartphones.”


Marmalade will also support deployment of ‘fat binaries’ in Tizen, allowing a single Tizen app package to be built using Marmalade that will run natively on Intel and ARM devices. Developers interested in the Tizen OS can begin developing games and applications for the platform immediately using the SDK's simulator. Once Tizen is supported, content made with marmalade can be easily run on devices.


Harvey Elliott, CEO, Marmalade: “Tizen is a hugely interesting arrival, not only in the smartphone market, but also for its wider applications in a range of different and distinct devices. We’re pleased to be able to support developers who choose to develop for Tizen, and I’m sure our vibrant developer community will leap at the opportunity to produce great content for this exciting new platform.”


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