Mobile Phone SIM Cards can now be hacked. Possibly Millions Affected.

We've known about malware on smartphones for a while now but the SIM card has always been safe. Well thats just now, Mobile Phone SIM Cards are Hacked .....
Jul 22, 2013

For years now we have know that their is such a thing as Malware that can affect SmartPhone (more recently) but there was one area that was safe, before the hackers reach, the SIM CARD. NOW ITS HACKED.

Yet after three years of research, German cryptographer Karsten Nohl claims to have finally found encryption and software flaws that could affect millions of SIM cards, and open up another route on mobile phones for surveillance and fraud.

Nohl will be presenting his findings at the Black hat security conference on July the 31st after testing over 1000 sim cards for vulnerabilities simple by sending a hidden SMS. It seems that some cards have this security issue whilst others don't.

Read the full story at Forbes.

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