Qt for Tizen Joins the Tizen Store Ecosystem

Recently Qt App Development Framework Alpha 2 for Tizen was released. Today we have Tizen Store Support.
Jul 8, 2013

Recently Qt Application Development Framework Alpha 2 for Tizen was released bringing with it the ability to run Qt applications natively on Tizen devices.

Today I am excited to announce another milestone for this project: Tizen Store Support! 


Today theTizen Store team has accepted our first Qt Controls app created for test and educational purposes


This means your Qt applications for smartphones can be published in the forthcoming Tizen Store what makes them easily available to users of Tizen devices worldwide.

Follow this video to see how the Qt Controls app behave on a Tizen reference device:



The store is not yet opened to smartphone customers but is open for developers to submit their applications. You can download the Qt Controls application from here as an installable TPK file with associated source code. Git repository for qtquickcontrols-tizen.git can be linked at

Additional Tools and documentation are hopefully going to be published within one week. Work is also being carried out on a Qt Creator integration plugin that facilitates creation of TPK for Qt applications.



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