Samsung Releases Exynos 5 Octa (5420) Details

Samsung has released details of their new Exynos 5420 SoC processor. It would be great to see it in their first Tizen flagship device.
Jul 23, 2013


Today Samsung have confirmed details of their new Exynos 5420 SoC processor. The Exynos 5420 has the same architecture layout as the previous versions with four A15s and four A7s processors with the same big.LITTLE configuration that ARM is ALL excited about. Clock speeds have been increased to 1.8GHz for the Cortex A15 cores and 1.3GHz for the Coretex A7s. As raw processing power is concerned the 4 Cortex A15 processors should do just fine as the Google Nexus 10 has 2 Cortex A15 processors and a lag is hardly heard of. Obviously the User Interface on top of Android or Tizen will make a difference but for RAW brute strength this beauty should hum along just fine.


Exynos 5 Comparison
SoC 5250 5410 5420
Max Number of Active Cores 2 4 4 (?)
CPU Configuration 2 x Cortex A15 4 x Cortex A15 + 4 x Cortex A7 4 x Cortex A15 + 4 x Cortex A7
A15 Max Clock 1.7 GHz 1.6GHz 1.8GHz
A7 Max Clock - 1.2GHz 1.3GHz
GPU ARM Mali-T604 MP4 Imagination PowerVR SGX544MP3 ARM Mali-T628 MP6
Memory Interface 2 x 32-bit LPDDR3-1600 2 x 32-bit LPDDR3-1600 2 x 32-bit LPDDR3-1866
Process 32nm HK+MG 28nm HK+MG 28nm HK+MG(?)

Samsung has reverted back to an ARM GPU the Mali-T628 GPU in a 6-core configuration. Mali-T628 which is up to a 50% faster than the previous generation. For memory the Exynos 5420 retains a dual-channel LPDDR3 interface (2 x 32-bit) with support for up to 1866MHz memory, resulting in peak theoretical memory bandwidth of 14.9Gbps.

Who wants to see one of these in Samsung's FIRST Tizen device?


Source AnandTech


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