Sencha Launces 'Space' for Secure HTML5 Business App Development

Sencha have announced "Space" a environment designed for the deployment of secure mobile business applications, It is also named as Sencha Space.
Raheem Mohammed
Jul 18, 2013


Sencha have announced "Space" a environment designed for the deployment of mobile business applications. Sencha space provides businesses with idea products for the design , build and deployment of secure high quality mobile applications. Space is an addition to Sencha's HTML5 platforms and tools which run on the Panambahan framework.

End users create many challenges in terms of management and security especially those who use the BYOD (Bring your own device) policy. While the growth of HTML5 has made application development much easier it has made other IT departments and developers scratching their heads trying to find a balance between BYOD and corporate IT requirements.

Sencha Space meets all developer requirements and end users so that they can create mobile applications in suited environment with ease.

  • End users have complete access to their business applications from their own mobile device without giving any control to anyone else mixing this with their own device personal usage.
  • Easier to equip every employee with business applications that they may need. The admin management of Space console powers IT managers with complete control which restricts access to companies mobile applications if need be , including the ability to make real time changes e.g to comply with certain devices.
  •  Complies with IT security policies and management , meaning a completely secure business environment for enterprise application developers to target and deploy their HTML5 applications.


"Sencha has long focused on the creation of tools and framework necessary to develop powerful applications that work in a multi-devic, BYOD world," - Abraham Elias, CTO of Sencha.

"Management of enterprise mobility market has experienced rapid growth and development in recent years, and the next stage in the natural evolution will be growth for the mobile environment that is safe and managed by the increasing number of companies are deploying applications across multiple device types," - Richard Absalom , analyst at Ovum.


Sencha Space preview version is currently available.





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