A slight while ago I was provided some information on the Hackafe in Plovdiv. This is a place that some Bulgarian developers are meeting (there is a meetup tonight as well if you are interested) to discuss platforms, coding, community and also Tizen.

From their previous meetup they came across the problem of how to “Set an Active Secure Profile” on the Tizen IDE. Like good community developers they found a solution and also made a video recording of their efforts to share. This is a step by step tutorial on how to setup a secure profile and also how to run a HTML5 application on a Tizen device.


Update: Below are the instructions as in the Tizen Wiki

Create a Secure Profile

  1. Go to the <Tizen SDK install directory>/tools/certificate-generator/
  2. Run certificate-generator.sh if you are using Linux distribution or Mac OS X. Run certificate-generator if you are using Windows.
  3. Follow the on-screen instruction to create a new certificate

Add a Secure Profile to Tizen IDE

  1. Launch the IDE of Tizen SDK.
  2. Navigate to Preferences
  3. Select Tizen SDK > Secure Profile and click Add
  4. Set the name of the profile
  5. Specify path to the certificate

Please note that if you don’t enter the password Tizen IDE will prompt it at first launch of a Tizen applications.



The video below is of the Conway’s Game of Life running on Tizen reference devices RD-210 and RD-PQ with Tizen 2.1 Nectarine. Implementation is based on the HTML5 and JavaScript source code of Brett Alistair Kromkamp: http://www.quesucede.com/public/gameo…




Source Leon Anavi