Announcement of Tizen Web Application Checker

The Tizen Web Application Check has been announced. This tool allows Tizen developers and QA testers to check Applications for Tizen compliance.
Jul 9, 2013


Its always good to see a new developer tool to join the family and here we have the announcement of the Tizen Web Application Checker.


The Tizen Web Application Checker is a tool you can use to check whether web applications are Tizen compliant, based on rules in the Tizen 2.1 Compliance Specification. The checker verifies the given application package’s validity, API usage, and adherence to security rules.


The tool can be used to provide guidance to Tizen web application developers and can also be automated into the testing process by integrating the checker into their test tool. The user guilde can be found here.


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One comment on “Announcement of Tizen Web Application Checker”

  1. The web app checker really helped me a lot to solve app submission rejections.

    Would love to get a Tizen 2.2 version, as I currently have to live with false positives like errors caused by support of back/menu key (tizen:setting'', its property ''hwkey-event'' should not exist).


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