Tizen BootCamp at SenchaCon - July 16th 2013

Tizen will be be at Senchacon 2013 with a bootcamp (as well as 2 sessions) for anyone wants an in-depth and hands-on training with the Tizen experience.
Jul 12, 2013

It was only late May 2013 when Sencha announced the great news that they were going to be officially supporting Tizen. They promised that Sencha 2013 was going to be the place to drive this forward and sure enough .... IT IS!!!!!!

Tizen has a massive 4 hour bootcamp (as well as 2 sessions) for anyone wants an in-depth and hands-on training with the Tizen experience. You will be learning about the architecture, tools, APIs and building applications that all sencha developers should know.

Tizen Bootcamp

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 — 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

This is a quick rundown of what to expect from this massive 4 hour session.

Course Objectives:

  • Provide an overview of Tizen OS and Application Development
  • Practical Tips and Developer Workflows
  • Game Development on Tizen with Sencha Touch
  • Overview of Tizen UI and Design Principles
  • Hands-on Experience, Exercises and Labs
  • Demonstrate why Sencha developers need to know Tizen

Course Outline:

  • Welcome/Registration
  • Tizen Introduction
  • Tizen SDK Overview
  • Tizen Developer Tips and Workflows
  • Tizen Design Principles
  • Tizen Zombie Game Walkthrough
  • Tizen Hands-on Lab
  • Tizen Web Runtime Device APIs
  • Wrap up, Survey and Raffle


For those that aren’t familiar with it yet:

Tizen is a robust and flexible, open source, standards-based software platform based on HTML5. In fact, as of the end of June, it’s the highest scoring browser, scoring 492 out of a total possible 500 points, meaning it’ll easily handle whatever HTML5 features you want to use. It’s designed for smartphones, tablets, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), PCs, and more. Tizen is an Open source project, residing within the Linux Foundation, which gives OEMs and Service Providers the flexibility to customize the UX, the app store and services. It has commercial support from the Tizen Association (a consortium of well-known companies) to drive ecosystem support and market adoption. For you, as an application developer, you need to know that this OS is coming, that there is a Tizen SDK, APIs and Tools to enable both HTML5 (web-based) apps and native C/C++ applications, and there is a Tizen store for you to sell your applications through.


There will also be representatives from Intel’s Open Source Technology Center and Intel Tizen Gurus to assist you.

Tizen Sessions

As well as the Bootcamp there are also two Tizen sessions at SenchaCon:

  • “Tizen from the Ground Up” presented by Chris Norman (Intel) and Ted Patrick (Samsung) – Wednesday at 3:10pm – Northern Hemisphere E-3. Overview of Tizen, the reasons why Intel is doing it and some of the technical details, architecture and building blocks developers would need to develop for Tizen.
  • “Developing a Taste for Brains” presented by Daniel Holmlund and Andrea Cammarata (Sencha)- Thursday at 10:35am – Northern Hemisphere E-4. Diving into a Sencha Touch application “Zombie Hunter”, explaining how the app uses the best of what Sencha and Tizen APIs have to offer.

Now this looks like fun. Pity I'm not going to be there, but have fun without me and please let me know how you get on 🙂

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