Qt for Tizen Alpha 3 - Tightens Integration with Tizen

Its now time for the third Alpha release of Qt for Tizen. Improved integration with the Tizen OS and also the developments of Tizen 2.2 ie. new default black UI theme and support for hardware buttons.
Aug 19, 2013

Its now time for the third Alpha release of Qt for Tizen. There have been improvements with the integration with the Tizen OS and also the developments of Tizen 2.2 ie. new default black UI theme and support for hardware buttons.




Changes in Qt framework for Tizen

  • Support for Tizen 2.2-like theming (desktop, emulator and RD-PQ smartphone). Black and white theme is now implemented and black is the default as on Tizen 2.2 OSP. It is possible to dynamically change current theme at run-time.


Alpha 3-Tightens-Integration-Tizen-1 Alpha 3-Tightens-Integration-Tizen-2


  • Advancements in Qt Quick Controls for Tizen. Central place (singletons) has been added for common Tizen configuration that specifies fonts and color palette. Background is now specified by theme. When running on desktop, hardware buttons can be emulated by pressing Esc and F2 keys.
  • Example apps:
    • Controls Gallery app. This version adds support for changing themes. OpenGL ES 2 Shaders technology nicely integrated with Qt has been used for custom animation when theme changes.




Sensors app (new) demonstrating Qt's support for smartphone's sensors:


Alpha 3-Tightens-Integration-Tizen-3
Simple Twitter app (new) demonstrates how to display custom list views. The app is theme-aware:

Alpha 3-Tightens-Integration-Tizen-4


    • Hello World app (new).

    As always all examples have been published with full source code (qt-tizen-1.0-alpha3.tar.gz below) for use in your applications and for learning.

Changes in Qt Tizen Integration

  • Added detection for screen rotation when device orientation changes (emulator and the RD-PQ smartphone)

Alpha 3-Tightens-Integration-Tizen-5

  • Added sensors handling (for emulator and RD-PQ smartphone): rotation, compass, accelerometer, gravity, proximity and light sensor, gyroscope, and magnetometer.
  • Improved handling of application lifecycle. Clicking the Home button sends active application to the background. When the same app is started again, it shows in previous state.
  • Added support for hardware buttons introduced by Tizen 2.2 (desktop, emulator and RD-PQ smartphone)

Alpha 3-Tightens-Integration-Tizen-6


  • Multiple minor improvements


For further details please visit Qt for Tizen


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