Samsung SM-Z9005 Tizen Smartphone Shipping to Indian Developers

Samsung have started shipping a Tizen smartphone code named SM-Z9005 to Indian developers according to shipment details.
Raheem Mohammed
Aug 16, 2013


Samsung have developed a Tizen smartphone code named SM-Z9005 according to Zauba shipment records. Shipment records reveal Tizen devices are being sent to developers in India. We know that India is one of the strategic target markets for the Tizen operating system , and that Samsung developers in India have aided in Tizen OS development. GitHub source code reveals the SM-Z9005 prototype is listed alongside the code name Melius and Redwood both of these names are associated with being Tizen devices.





SM-Z9005 prototype has been published in a list of devices using the Tizen operating system , this list includes Samsung Baltic , Samsung GT-I8800 (Melius) , Samsung GT-I8805 (Redwood) , Samsung GT-19500 prototype , Samsung SM-Z9005 prototype and Samsung SEC SC-001 prototype.




The SM-Z9005 has been branded by shipping data as for 'Research and Development purposes' therefore it still remains a mystery whether this model will be released or whether SM-Z9005 is just another reference device. The first Tizen device may be the SM-Z9005 or a variant of it which we expect to retail around late October where Samsung could announce a Tizen device at SamsungDevCon.


Source Tizen Indonesia & GSM Arena


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