Samsung’s Tizen SM-Z9005 phone will have SnapDragon Processor and 720p Display

More details emerge for the recently discovered Samsung Tizen SM-Z9005 smartphone, display resolution and processor details. The tech excitement is hotting up.
Aug 21, 2013

Recently the Samsung's Tizen Smartphones Model number became known as the SM-Z9005 that was shipping to Indian developers. Now the device has shown in a UAProf (User Agent Profile) string on Samsung’s own mobile website, which reveals some of the specifications which are quite similar to the Samsung S3 and the Tizen Developer Device (RQ-PD).

The SM-Z9005 will have a 720p display and interestingly enough it will be powered by a Krait Snapdragon processor. The inclusion of a processor like the Samsung Exynos 5420 would of brought a smile to many faces but Samsung is still wrestling with some LTE issues.

Release is still looking like October and hopefully we will bring you some exciting news soon 😉


Source Sam Mobile


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