Apply for a Tizen Developer Device NOW! RD-PQ

If you are an Application Developer then you might be able to get your hands on a Tizen RD-PQ Developer Device which is based on Samsung Galaxy S3 hardware, Apply NOW!
Sep 10, 2013


The Tizen Development Unit Program has just received a limited quantity of Developer RD-PQ SmartPhone Units.  What this means to you is, if you are an Application Developer and can demonstrate a good use case for having one, then you might just get one sent out to you!!!! The hardware is not to be ignored as it is based upon the Galaxy SIII with an additional plastic bezel surrounding and it is the same hardware that was distributed at the Tizen Conference 2013 (as pictured above).

Please note that these are not phones and do not connect to any type of GSM Network and are intended for application developers.

If you come up with a good use case you could potentially be selected for one. You can apply for one here:

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