Live Video Stream at SmartDevCon 2013

Live Video Stream is Available for the SmartDevCon 2013 Conference. Tizen sessions and also plenty of focus on Mobile Devices. Check it out now!
Sep 12, 2013


The SmartDevCon conference is in full swing in Poland right now. Unfortunately we were not able to make it there in person but luckily there is hope in the form of a Live Video Feed as below:

You can find the Program Agenda here but the most noticable Tizen Talks are as follows:

10:45 Samsung Tizen Architecture Łukasz Stelmach
15:15 Creating a Tizen Application Kamil Grondys
16:30 Delivering In-vehicle infotainment system based on Tizen and Ford's SmartDeviceLink Jacek Serafiński, Piotr Szczechowiak
15:30 Development Techniques for Native/Hybrid Tizen Apps Matti Pakarinen


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