Mi Cable Tidy Review

Sep 2, 2013

With all our mounting tech we also need to be able to stand it up right and out of the way times. Here we have the Mi Cable Tidy.

As the name suggests there is an emphasis on keeping your cable neat . This is achieved by the convenient holes that you can use to feed through your cables and also you can wrap any loose cables round the body of the unit.



  • Able to Store your cables in an easy, hassle-free way
  • Use as a single Desk Stand for multiple devices
  • Universal Design



Another Interesting feature is that you can using a UK Mains plug to attach the stand to a power outlet that might be off the ground and allow it to act as a shelf, So you can place your tech to charge out of harms way.



There is a slight curvature at the bottom of the stand that lets you place your tech on top of them but I would be tempted to add some rubber pads as I did that some phones were prone to slipping.




This unit is currently selling at £4.99 which is a bit cheaper than most other stands, So if your looking for something reasonably cheap and that you can use as a "Wall Socket Shelf" then this is an excellent item. As a Desk Stand I found it a little too light and slippy for my everyday use.


Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 125mm x 110mm x 60mm (HWD)
  • Weight: 20g

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