Tizen 3.0 User Interface Spotted on a Samsung Galaxy S4

Pictures have Surface showing the Tizen 3.0 User Interface (UI) running on a Samsung Galaxy S4. Its great to see Tizen developed on current hardware as promised by Samsung.
Sep 9, 2013

Sighting-Tizen-3.0 UI-Samsung-Galaxy-S4-2-1
Tizen 3.0 Operating System is still very much under development at the moment and is scheduled to launch early 2014. Pictures have surfaced showing the Tizen User Interface (UI) running on a Samsung Galaxy S4. We can see that the UI is quite flat, much like Windows Phone Metro but thankfully the similarities end there. Notifications can display themselves on the lockscreen as well as application controls such as a music player.

Its great to see that Tizen is being developed on current hardware as Samsung did state that they would be releasing a high end model. Could the new model be based on S4 hardware? Hopefully we will see soon enough ....

Sighting-Tizen-3.0 UI-Samsung-Galaxy-S4-3

Sighting-Tizen-3.0 UI-Samsung-Galaxy-S4-4
Sighting-Tizen-3.0 UI-Samsung-Galaxy-S4-5
Sighting-Tizen-3.0 UI-Samsung-Galaxy-S4-6

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6 comments on “Tizen 3.0 User Interface Spotted on a Samsung Galaxy S4”

  1. FIRST!!!

    i hope the end consumer will be able to install this eventually
    not only on samsung but on nexus phones 🙂

    1. Samsung is doing this to try to become less dependent on Google. Not sure if that is a doable. We'll all see.

    1. Thats exactly the first thing i thought of!!!! Damn Samsung doesnt know when to stop copying.

    2. Sooooooooo, because there are no drop-shadows on the buttons, they are copying the metro-style? Seriously? I got news for you - everybody had flat before there were 2D-style buttons. Even before mobile phones.

    3. meego was there before windows phone 7 and i can tell you it is very similar gesture based.

      so not a total rippoff


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