Tizen BabyCount Application

Oct 9, 2013

SciDev are continuing their expansion of Tizen Applications and here we have Baby Count. This is quite a simple application but we can see its use.


How many days or weeks it is now even at birth? How old's own son or daughter has their own again?

The baby is not only count the days until the birth, but also the weeks or hours, minutes or seconds until that day. In addition, the baby Count one of the periods of time already spent by the small sprout in the world.

Depending on the sex of the baby to Count shows in a more feminine or masculine garb. Who wants to be surprised, sees a playful neutral background image. To further personalize even three playful fonts are available.


  • Counter and countdown function
  • Calculating the distance in months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds
  • 3 selectable fonts
  • Lovingly designed background images


BabyCount-Mobile-Application-Tizen-2 BabyCount-Mobile-Application-Tizen-3


BabyCount-Mobile-Application-Tizen-4 BabyCount-Mobile-Application-Tizen-6




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