Has Huawei joined the Tizen Technical Steering Group (TSG)?

Latest news in that the Chinese Telecommunications Giant Huawei has joined the Tizen Technical Steering Group (TSG) which is the main decision making body for Tizen.
Oct 14, 2013



Interesting news comes in all shapes and sizes and this weekend there was some interesting news which only has one source. The website Tizen Indonesia reported that the Chinese Telecommunications Giant Huawei has joined the Tizen Technical Steering Group (TSG) which is the main group that governs Tizen and is the primary decision-making body for this open source project, with a focus on platform development and delivery, along with the formation of working groups to support device verticals.

There have not been any official Announcements by the Tizen Association (TA) or the TSG about this matter.

If true Huawei would now Join Intel and Samsung as part of the TSG and help shape the future of Tizen and in doing so confirm their role and dedication in bringing about Huawei Tizen Devices.

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. is a company based in China and has been established for over 25 years and is currently the sixth largest mobile phone vendor in the world and number two in the global communications network, a business which last year brought nearly three-quarters of their total income. Huawei has over 140,000 employees, with around 46% of whom are engaged in research and development (R&D) and is the largest telecommunications equipment maker in the world.

"Our ongoing goal is to work closely with our customers and partners to bring the proposition handset truly innovative to consumers in all markets and the new Tizen ecosystem complements existing areas of focus and provide new opportunities to strengthen the Huawei brand in the mobile segment , "said Glory Zhang, spokesperson for Huawei Device.


Openness and neutrality exhibited by the Tizen project also began to attract other mobile device manufacturers, such as Sony, and ZTE who want to get involved to commercialise Tizen devices in their product portfolio in the future.

The above slide shows one of the attractions of the Tizen Store being its openness and neutrality where the key is mutual interest and benefit, which is unlike the goals of Google Play Store or Apples App Store. It has to be noted that the slides are marked as Samsung Electronics.

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