Huawei Ready to Focus on China and Western Europe

Oct 22, 2013

Huawei, who recently we revealed (still can't believe it) as the newest member of the Tizen Technical Steering Group (TSG), recognises the benefits of implement a technology strategy similar to leading smartphone companies like Apple and Samsung, where software as well as hardware are seen as the required ingredients for successful devices.

A senior official of Huawei Technologies recently said the company will increase investment in the software in order to catch up with Samsung and LG.

"Samsung Electronics has done a great job. We were impressed at the rise of Korea. But we are not going to do a big acquisition deal in the next few years because our strategy is to promote a flagship model that has added value," said Scott Sykes, head of the international media affairs told The Korea Times in Seoul last week.

Sykes acknowledged Samsungs success in Korea but said they will focus more on advertising and sponsorship of strategic partners to increase brand awareness of the company.

"Samsung has produced good results in return to spend more on marketing. Huawei plans to increase spending on research and development [R & D]. This is our major initiatives," said Huawei's executives.

It is estimated that Huawei plans to ship approx 60 million smartphones this year, which is nearly double what it produced last year. Going forward Huawei will target China, where it is already a big player and also Western European countries.

With Huawei continued interest and investment in Tizen it is hoped that we will also see a European Tizen device in the not too far distance.




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