Intel CEO takes on Apple A7, cites 'Moore's Law advantage'

Oct 17, 2013

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has said that Intel's manufacturing process is far superior compared to Apple's new 64-bit A7 chip, after the company's earnings report.

During Intel's third-quarter earnings conference call on Tuesday, an analyst questioned Intel about the advantages of going to a 14-nanometer manufacturing process, compared with Apple's 28-nanometer A7 chip.

"[Apple] has been able to show very impressive benchmarks on 28-nanometer silicon," the analyst stated.
Generally, the smaller the chip geometries, the more advanced the chip manufacturing process and thus the faster and/or more power efficient the chip can be. Intel claims that it's jumped well ahead of the rest of the chip industry by moving to a cutting-edge 14-nanometer process first.
Here's what Krzanich said in response to the analyst's comment, citing, among other things, Moore's Law, which states that the number of transistors doubles approximately every two years.

I mean you just kind of used the generic word for benchmarks and there are lot of different ones that are out there. So I am not sure exactly which ones you are talking about. But if you just take a look at our products and all of our products are 64-bit. So we have had that for an extended period of time and products that we are shipping today are already 64-bit.
If you take a look at things like transistor density and you compare, pardon the pun, apples-to-apples and you compare, say, the A7 to our Bay Trail, which is a high density 22 nanometer technology, then our transistor density is higher or more dense than the A7 is. It's a good product...but we do see the Moore's Law advantage from 28 to 22 nanometer as an example, when you compare dense technologies to dense technologies.


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