MeeCast, Makes its way from its MeeGo Roots to Tizen

Oct 22, 2013

MeeCast was one of the first Weather Application to make a real impact on the MeeGo Software Ecosystem. This Open Source Application (based on OMWeather) is now coming to Tizen courtesy of Developer Vasvlad (Vlad Vasilyeu).

Vlad Vasilyeu first published on Tizen MeeCast application in March 2012, by which time it was through the demo video and some screenshots shown in these applications run on Tizen 1.0 Larkspur (you can see an early version of the application for Tizen MeeCast here ). After a series of improvements and the addition of numerous new features, Vasilyeu again showed MeeCast latest applications that are already running on Tizen 2.2.

Some of the new features in the latest MeeCast applications include:

  • You can see weather forecasts of the site that provide direct
  • You can use a variety of different units of measurement (for degrees of humidity, wind speed, air pressure, and others)
  • Ease of updating GPS station with just one click
  • Can be used as a widget on the home screen that supports Dynamix box and drop view  of Tizen 2.2
  • There are 11 sets of icons and three modifications to personalize the theme of widget as you wish
  • Can be used on lockscreen
  • A flexible setting for the latest weather information update period
  • Supports many languages ​​(English, Mandarin, German, French, Russian and many more)



Vlad Vasilyeu has made the source code available via github at:

Video MeeCast version 0.7.7 running on Tizen SDK 2.2 emulator:





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