Nokia Maps HERE Service to Launch on Tizen

Oct 20, 2013

HERE is a maps and navigation service by Nokia Business unit which was previously named Ovi Maps and Nokia Maps.

Having visited the Windows Phone platform, iOS, Android and Firefox OS, application HERE will soon be available also for Tizen.

HERE relies on NAVTEQ mapping data, which was acquired by Nokia in October 2007, and also Nokia Location & Commerce which was a service launched in 2012. HERE approach to maps and navigation is different than the standard SAT NAV Device implementation.

HERE technologies based on the model of cloud computing (cloud computing), in which the location data and services are stored on a remote server so that users have access to it regardless of the device they use.

HERE boasts that currently 4 out of 5 on a car navigation system that operates in North America and Europe use the service HERE. Also the Garmin navigation service, Yahoo! Maps and Bing Maps are also based on the solution from HERE.

At the Tizen Developer Summit in Korea, Henrik Battke, Program Director of OEM and SDK from HERE at Nokia Business, will introduce the services and features of HERE Maps for Tizen during the Tizen Developer Summit 2013 which will take place in Soul, Korea on Nov. 11-12.



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