[Rumour] Samsung Galaxy S5 to run on 14nm 64-bit Exynos 6 Processor

Could Samsung release a 64-Bit Exynos 6xxx series processors early next year and possibly in time for the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch ? We wonder ....
Oct 17, 2013

With Apple starting the 64-bit processor race (even though its wasted on their current flagship devices), Samsung was one of the first to confirm its interest in the 64-bit processor race, but their offering is to be a little different.

The difference in this case is that current processors are manufactured using a 28nm (nanometer) process, which refers to the size of the die or the block of semiconducting material on which the chip is made from. The next process would be 20nm to 14nm, but Samsung are going directly to 14nm in a bid to distance itself from the competition.

It is though the this new 14nm technology will make its appearance in the Exynos 6xxx series mobile processors, which will also be 64-Bit with ARM's big.LITTLE architecture, as we have seen in the Exynos 5420 processor. The combination of processors will be the Cortex-A53 and the more powerful Cortex-A57, instead of the usual Cortex-A7/A15 combinations.

Exynos 6xxx series processors will be ready for early next year and possibly in time for the Samsung S5 launch which is also rumoured to be brought forward to Q1 2014. All in all this is a lot of rumours that combine to make the Samsung S5 14nm 64-Bit Exynos 6 Processor a reality but we can forgive ourselves and dream a little .....


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