[Slides] Collaborative product development in F/OSS projects

Oct 19, 2013

Here are some slides by Amanda Lam who I fondly remember from the MeeGo days and someone who was very active in the MeeGo Hong Group. Below are some slides that she presented today at the Hong Kong Open Source Conference.

Successful F/OSS projects rely on effective collaborative product development processes. In this presentation we will briefly discuss about the key success factors of software projects - namely product management, programme and project management, User Experience (e.g. usability research, interaction and visual design), stakeholder management and launch management etc., and how they can relate to F/OSS projects as well.

In this presentation, we will also talk about the cultural differences and challenges across virtual teams, factors affecting knowledge sharing, gender-bias in F/OSS communities and other human behavioural challenges that make F/OSS projects particular more difficult to manage than other non-F/OSS projects.

This presentation was presented in the Hong Kong Open Source Conference held on Oct 19, 2013.





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