Tizen Hackathon - HTML5DevConf & Intel Hackathon

Oct 18, 2013

It is the Season of Tizen Hackathons and the next one that we will be graced with be at the HTML5DevConf in San Francisco. This is going to be about getting your HTML5 App built and ported over to Tizen with some assistance from Intel. If that isn't enough you've got a chance to at some great Prizes!!!!!

Tizen - Here is some incentive to port your app during the Hack

The Tizen App Challenge is a global competition, sponsored by Intel, with over $4 million in prizes available. The only condition of participation is to submit a finalized Tizen app, which will make you eligible for the many prizes available.. For more information on the contest, please visit

There is a HTML5 Developer Conference/Intel Social Night, where you can meet the Intel Team and get their input and assistance for your applications.

Hackathon Schedule:

October 23rd

(6PM - 9PM)

HTML5DevConf/Intel Social Night @ Jillian’s

October 24th

(9AM - 4PM)

Hackathon @ SFSU Downtown Campus

October 25th

(9AM - 4PM)

Hackathon, Judging, and Awards @ SFSU Downtown Campus

SFSU Downtown Campus Address: 835 Market St. San Francisco, CA 94103


Prizes Galore:

  • $1000 Best New App
  • $500 Runner Up New App
  • $500 Best Ported App

NOTE: Porting App to Tizen also enables you to enter the contest for $4 million in prizes on November 1st.



You can Register for the event here: HTML5DevConf Intel Hackathon
Here is the MeetUp Page

We will also be on hand to check out your Applications for the TizenExperts WEBSITE !!!!! Grab me on Twitter @ashnazir or use our Contact Us Page.


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