Updated Qt for Tizen Makes it Easier for Cross-Platform App Development

Oct 31, 2013

Recently the Qt for Tizen project Announced its 1.0 Alpha 4 release update of Qt solutions for developers, designers, and system integrators.

Qt for Tizen is a community-driven port of Qt 5, a cross-platform application and user-interface framework for developers using C++ and QML. And the latest updates incorporate the Qt 5.2 Alpha build with added support for Android and iOS.

Like some other Development Frameworks, Qt for Tizen also claims to be “one native SDK that can target Tizen, Android, iOS, specialised embedded systems and desktops, and more.”

What does that Mean?

Well this Topic has been dicussed over at Linux.com and I suggest you head on over to hear what Staniek has to say 🙂

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