[Video] Twheel for Twitter running on Samsung Tizen RD-PQ

twheel is a Twitter application that is designed to make browsing faster, more interactive and more fun for its users. The User Interface (UI) is different from your standard twitter list as the user gets presented with a spiral UI twheel. The Twheel App is already available in iOS and Android versions and its great to see it venture forth to Tizen.


The New twheel™ empowers you with a fresh approach on handling the information overload of Twitter. Visualized as a rotating wheel, twheel™ offers a fun, game-like interface for Twitter. The application displays the most relevant data with visual pop-outs such as colors and forms, the formats our brain observe the fastest. Using Twitter with twheel™ is significantly faster than with traditional list-based interfaces because it presents text content at a fixed location on the screen, which minimizes gaze shifts.


Jani Lainesalo is hoping to have a tuned application out in time for when the real devices are out 🙂