[Video] Watch "Tizen Project From The Ground Up"

Here is a Video presented at SenchaCon 2013 introducing the Tizen OS by Intel's Chris Norman and Samsung's Ted Patrick.
Oct 1, 2013

Chris Norman, Ted Patrick.

Here is a Video entitled "Tizen Project From the Ground Up" that was presented at thet SenchaCon Conference.

Come understand how industry has an alternate OS option with Tizen™ for multiple computing platforms, such as Smartphones and IVI, Smart TV, Notebooks, tablets, and more.... In this session we will provide an overview of what the Tizen Project is all about, why we're doing it, and get into the technical details, architecture, building blocks that developers would need to understand to develop Tizen OS based solutions. You will also see the native and Web/HTML5 based development environment options offered by Tizen, and we hope to give you a sneak peek into Tizen extensions for Sencha Touch.






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