Samsung states that Android & Tizen will coexist

Samsung is deeply entrenched in Android and are also developing Tizen, where exactly are their interests ? Can Android and Tizen work in close harmony?
Nov 19, 2013

At the recent Samsung Developer Conference in London, it was stated by Alvin Kim, principal engineer at Samsung Electronics that Tizen would not replace Android on the company's phones, but would rather co-exist with it. The idea would be to focus on Android as usual but also develop Tizen alongside, with the ultimate promise of both platforms "will coexist in the future".


"I expect Tizen will evolve very quickly because of the open-source community," Kim predicted, but declined to comment on exactly when we’ll see the first phones on sale running Tizen, rather than Android, saying only that he hopes "some devices will be given to the market by the end of next year."


This seems like a sound strategy and obviously Samsung is going to pursue its commercial interests. At the moment it will not sacrifice Android for Tizen and vice versa. For Samsung both mobile phone Operating Systems offer it revenue and in the case of Tizen, future revenue.

Tizen desperately needs devices to form a community around and that is looking like it could be in the very near future. If the whispers I hear are true, then the "tech-heads" that want an Open Sourced Linux based OS that has the potential to disrupt have not got long to wait 😉


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