Appbacks challenges YOU to develop a Tizen app and win!

Some of our readers are already engaged in a fiery battle to make an extra bundle of cash. It is quite simple, especially if you have already developed an HTML5 based app for a mobile platform. “All” you have to do is to get Your HTML5 app into the new Tizen App Store and win cash when it’s published!
OK, it takes a wee bit more than shipping it to the store but I’m told that for die hard programmers it’s not the toughest of tasks. Your friends at appbackr will help you!

The long road to win the challenge is pretty short actually!

There are 3 steps 

  1. Create .wgt files from your HTML apps.  Read the HTML5 Guide to Porting to Tizen and just do it…
  2. Register on the Tizen Seller Store and add your app to the Tizen Seller Store:
  3. Register for the challenge, then enter your developer DeepLink and app Content ID with your .wgt file by filling out the submission form. The app Content ID is assigned to the app when it’s added to the store. Instructions to locate that information are here.

Nah, seems doable right?

Who can join the challenge?

It’s open to any individual or team that has an HTML5 app or is building one.  All developers must build a .wgt file to submit to appbackr to obtain an appscore and to get their app into the Tizen Seller Store.

How to?

You have to must submit the developer DeepLink and the app Content ID to appbackr in order enter the challenge.
A developer DeepLink and app Content ID are assigned by the Tizen Seller Store when the app is added.

Now what about the loot? A total in Cash Prizes of over $10,000!

You can earn up to $250 per app! There is neither no limit to the number of apps you can submit and neither there’s a limit to the number of cash prizes you can collect!

And there’s more: 10 Tizen Development Devices!

10 Winners will qualify to receive a Tizen Development Device to test their apps on and develop even more gems for the tizen appstore!

Who decides?

Quite simply: the Appbackr Review Team

Judging Criteria:

The appstore rates HTML5 apps based on both a quantitative and a qualitative evaluation.

  • Performance & speed
  • Is there sound?
  • Does the app use hardware back button?
  • Has the resolution been optimized?
  • Is there no high CPU load?
  • Are there no bottleneck
  • Does it appeal to a wide audience?
  • Are the controls fluid?
  • Are the graphics high quality wish all of you the best of luck but even more important: We hope that tons of valuable apps for the upcoming Tizen devices will make it the hottest OS of the year and drive the customers wild!