From IOs to HTML5… and then, to Tizen!

Can the Intel iOS Intel App Porter tool fullfil the promise of porting your iOS application from iOS to HTML5 and then onto Tizen ? Read on .....
Nov 7, 2013

INTEL® HTML5 APP PORTER TOOL - BETA This is a Guest Post by Julio Staude, Intel Tizen Community Manager Introducing the  "The Intel® HTML5 App Porter Tool - BETA!"  (Download)



This Application / Tool assists developers in porting their native Apple iOS* code into HTML5, by automatically converting portions of the original code into HTML5, automatically converting as much code as possible from native iOS into HTML5. It is designed to speed up the porting from native to HTML5, but it typically does require some manual effort to complete porting the code or to adapt the ported app code to best fit a specific form-factor


It helps convert the following artifacts:

  • Apple Objective-C* (and a subset of C) source code into JavaScript
  • Apple iOS API types and calls into JavaScript/HTML5 objects and calls
  • Layouts of views inside Apple Xcode* Interface Builder (XIB) files into HTML + CSS files
  • Apple Xcode project files into Microsoft Visual Studio* 2012

How does it work?

The Intel® HTML5 App Porter Tool - BETA is essentially a source-to-source converter that can handle a number of conversions from Objective-C* into JavaScript/HTML5 including the conversion of APIs calls.

Conversion of Objective-C into JavaScript

At a high level, the transformation pipeline looks like this:

This pipeline follows the following stages:

  • Parsing of Objective-C files into an intermediate AST (Abstract Syntax Tree).
  • Mapping of supported iOS* API calls into equivalent JavaScript calls.
  • Generation of placeholder definitions for unsupported API calls.
  • Final generation of JavaScript and HTML5 files.


Currently, the Intel® HTML5 App Porter Tool - BETA supports the most used types and methods from:

  • UIKit framework
  • Foundation framework

Additionally, it supports a few classes of other frameworks such as CoreGraphics.

Take a look at the complete list of supported APIs. (Full List)

Architecture of converted applications

The converted application keeps the very same high level structure as the original one. Constructs such as Objective-C interfaces, categories, C structs, functions, variables, and statements are kept without significant changes in the converted code but expressed in JavaScript.

Want to try it out?

There’s an interesting tutorial with a demo app that will let you try this tool and see how it works!

For downloading the tool go here: and then visit the Tutorial and DEMO

Want to port of your code to Tizen? Get SUPPORT!

If you want to use this tool for porting one of your apps and you need some help, you can contact [email protected] , you will receive a quick answer and support for using the App Porter Tool to get your app ported to Tizen ( with HTML5)

SO, how to get to Tizen?

If you have an IOs app and you want to port it to TIZEN, you only have to follow this steps:

  1. Use App Porter Tool to translate your IOs code into HTML5
  2. Load the generated code into the Tizen SDK. (download)
  3. Edit and make the final touches! (contact [email protected]   if you need help!)
  4. Publish to the Tizen Store!
  5. Make money and Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!!



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