Available early 2014: Samsung Tizen smartphone and Tizen TV

JohnPeter Elverding
Nov 10, 2013

Tizen TV, Tizen Smartphone: They're coming!

OK, it's out in the open: a Tizen operated Samsung smartphone won't be available in 2013 but in the first quarter of next year. it's not a rumor but a statement  from the vice president of Samsung's Visual Display Business, Mr. Kim Hyun-suk. He was quoted to have said that on the Smart TV Global Summit 2013 today in Seoul.
To be true, the phone itself was more of a by-line then a news flash: Samsung seems to be focussing on Tizen for its all-media approach that goes way beyond just a phone and social media: Think television, in vehicle use, computing and mobile communications.

Still: we should be able to get hands on experience with a Tizen smartphone early next year!

According to VP Kim:

  • "Quite a lot of progress in the development of Tizen TV,"
  • "The first Tizen smartphone will come out first, and it seems to TV Tizen also been prepared for launch. But for the time of release will not be significantly different."
  • "Tizen will bring the best features of an operating system based on open source Linux,"

But the most significant of them all:"It is beneficial for the company in developing applications together, you can take advantage of both the smartphone and TV, and it will also be associated with an advantage for application developers."





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