Calaos: an open source, HTML5 app for Tizen to automate your house!

JohnPeter Elverding
Nov 8, 2013


You think you may be smart, but there are some more smart people around. Some of them developed Calaos that will use Tizen to smarten up your home.

It is a free and open source tool that can transform your home into a smart home. It can automate things like the lights, curtains and window shutters, heating, air conditioning, refrigerator, home theater, CCTV, garage and more. And of course you also need a Tizen smartphone that functions as a universal remote to control it all.

CCTV? Yes, CCTV on your Tizen phone to spot the burglar or, in my case, most of the times a stray bird or cat.

Calaos is developed by a group of Frenchmen, which means their site is in french as well. Unfortunately, Google translates french even worse then me but I'm getting to the grips with it. They also have apps for iOS as well as Android. Tizen, with it's branching out towards SmartTVs and IVI for smarter cars, was found to be an interesting "other platform" to create home automation.


Calaos is  an HTML5-based web application using an AngularJS created for the Tizen platform. You can see the source code of these applications through the github repository at:

Here's a video demo of the application on the reference application Calaos Tizen RD-210 from Raoul Hecky.


External links to some more information

To the Calaos website

wiki on home automation (domotics)



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