Gamesalad and Appbackr prove Tizen to be a rising star!

JohnPeter Elverding
Nov 13, 2013

Images to be added: logos of Gamesalad - appbackr and lara croft's eyes?

OK, when some of the leading app-facilitators like Gamesalad and Appbackr  start working on branching out to Tizen it means they have high expectations of the platform for their industry. This also means they take Tizen to be an important player in the mobile world of pretty soon! Tizen 3.0 widely available per the end of 2014, on a lot of devices, sure makes a potent platform that has a lot of opportunities!

Appbackr and Gamesalad

Appbackr is a California based company that helps their group of some 700.000 developers to fund and sell their apps through several marketplaces, like the googlestore. They have the kind of tools developed that will help their game to be found, played and liked.
Gamesaled is more like a platform that will help developers to build a gam and port it to several platforms like iOS and Android but also Windows and now Tizen.

As you can understand it's having games and other apps ported towards Tizen is what makes us tick. The combination of these two companies will speeden up the acceptance as more and more people are getting into "gaming".  I have little or no love for games on a screen: I quit after dunes, sometimes in the late '90's. I prefer cards games with friends, a good glass of wine or malt and lots of laughter. And cheating 🙂 But then there other ways, also called games, that are actually bringing people to learn, or quit bad habits. Like the tamagochi that learned kids how stresfull taking care of a pet (or child) can be.
Or, on a more personal note: I'm involved in developing a "game" that will lead people to several historical landmarks, POI's and have them earn points on the way. It's the gaming that will draw people to "boring(!)" things as a museum.

Bit of saddness: It's android version is still an awfull beta, the iOS however is working better and no Symbian version at all. Or Tizen.. If it were to be devloped in a way that it can be ported easily to other platforms it sure would help in making a more succesfull app. Guess what I'll be discussing with the developers tomorrow..)

Life has always be a challenge, and with some good developers we will have Tizen to help us overcome and enjoy it. Appbackr and Gamesalad will help them improve their products and Tizen? Well, I can imagine gamin g on a smartphone that uses Tizen can also be done on a massive Tizen based TV-set. Or an app that will use a Tizen based camera to help you get better pictures. Or glasses that will make you feel you are looking Lara Croft right in the eyes while rescuing her!



SEOUL, KOREA, November 12, 2013 — GameSalad Inc., a leading provider of mobile game development tools with over 700,000 developers, and appbackr, the scoring standard for apps across iOS, Android and HTML5, today announced a joint, calibrated incentive program to bring apps to new platforms, including the Tizen Operating System, the emerging open-source mobile operating system.

“GameSalad and appbackr together are helping to reset the value proposition for independent developers looking to bring their apps to new platforms by providing calibrated incentives for the best apps. Intel is proud to support this bold initiative and in turn, to help bring great developers and apps to Tizen,” said Christopher Croteau, Tizen Association board member and managing director, Software and Services Group at Intel.

The program, based on the proprietary appbackr® appscore™, helps GameSalad identify and target the highest quality apps within its network for various incentives to port games to Tizen. Incentives are built directly within GameSalad’s development environment and vary from undisclosed monetary sums to free GameSalad Professional Licenses. The appscore includes editorial reviews, community-driven reaction, and other factors built into a machine-learning algorithm.

“GameSalad democratizes the way games are made and brought to market with its code-free technology and toolset. With appbackr appscore we use predictive analytics to discover the best apps. There is no better place to find great apps than at GameSalad. We are very pleased to integrate our appscore API to give the best developers the attention and rewards that they deserve,” said Trevor Cornwell, Founder and CEO, appbackr inc.

“GameSalad has innovated the way compelling games are created and published. appbackr appscore allows GameSalad developers to get rewarded for their exceptional work,” said Steve Felter, CEO, GameSalad, Inc. “Through our collaboration with appbackr, we provide an extremely efficient way of making sure that the best apps receive the technical tools, financial incentives and opportunities to be ported over to the Tizen operating system and get featured on the upcoming Tizen store, ensuring our developers’ games get discovered by consumers.”



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