[Infographic] So Many Ways to Develop for the Tizen App Challenge

Develop your Application / Game for the Tizen Platform, Get it certified for the Tizen Store & entered into the Tizen challenge, Check this Infographic!
Nov 23, 2013


There are an increasing amount of ways that you can develop your Application / Game for the Tizen Platform. Below is a Infographic showing the type of tools that you can utilise to get your App certified for the Tizen Store and Ultimately entered into the Tizen App Challenge, which ends on the 8th December 23:59 PST !!! Come and get your share of over $4 Million in Prizes !!!!

  • Tizen - Rich native API, Optimised for cross-platform HTML5 Web Technology
  • AppBackr - Integrates the Tizen App Challenge into its Xchange API, which scores Apps based on quality and provides valuable incentives
  • CoCos 2D - One of the fastest 2D engines for game development compatible with HTML5 browsers
  • Game Salad - Used by more than 700,000 developers worldwide, creating over 200,000 games
  • Havok - Project Anarchy is a free game engine for the creation of 3D content for mobile devices
  • Marmalade - Now Supports Tizen in its cross-platform C++ SDK
  • Scirra - Construct 2, known for visual effects, also known as Photoshop for games
  • YoYo Games - GameMaker Studio that is used by novices and experience developers.

Head on over to the Tizen App Challenge for further details.

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